Greatest Hits - 80’s for KORG KRONOS 1 and 2

KRS 113 "Greatest Hits - 80’s” combis this is the first such pack, where to play complete world’s cover,there is no need for ANY external sources, like additional audio or midi files, samples, musical parts played by other instruments or even extra band playing drum, bass, guitar or other instrumental parts.
So it means EVERYTHING is played by internal resources of Kronos – using its internal edited patches. Specific programs were programmed within each combination by means of Tone Adjust function, what allowed for getting close to original sounds of the 80-ties.
Karma scenes correspondent to respective blocks of given song, while the chords can be triggered using the pads – they are smartly programmed to reflect original chord sequence of given song.

So all the player has to do is to trigger given pads (or just play chords on left section of keyboard) in the right moment and play solo part with right hand using programmed patches on the right keyboard section.
Sounds familiar? Like Arranger keyboard? Close, yet Karma is playing the role of Arranger and you are music conductor. So this means that you can either play the song as close to original as possible, or you can make your own arrangement, playing for example chorus part twice or shift the bridge with intro or endings or mid sections – it is your call.
As much as these Combis were prepared to play original hits as close as possible, nothing stops you from experimenting and using them to play some                                                                                                                                                                other tunes or arrangements.
Prepared package is a perfect complementation of factory installed Combi sets. Wide range of well know hits from the golden era of music in the 80-ties is covered here – you certainly know all these tunes and now you have them on your Kronos prepared in professional way ready to play and have fun with the instrument.
"Greatest Hits - 80’s” combis use all 4 KARMA modules and all 8 scenes available in the machine. We have also enhanced the setup by programming the controllers to expand a potential of Korg Kronos workstation even more.

Combinations 32New User GEs 80

We deliver you these new combinations or programs included in an Email you get directly after your payment – due to possible time zone difference, allow us reasonable time for response; we do our best to deliver your purchased sounds as soon as possible, but in some rare cases it can take up to 8 hours maximum.

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