Protein No. 1 includes 128 new programs with stereo and mono Multisamples for Kronos and Kronos 2 plus 32 combis.


Applied sampling technology allowed to obtain new excellent patches, which in combination with Kronos HD-1 engine sound really superbly and very inspiring.
128 programs from Protein No. 1 set provide the sounds in such musical categories as: – MotionSynth, SlowSynth, Vocal, FastSynth, Bass, Short Decay, Lead, Woodwind, Bells, Sfx. Controllers programmed to each patch (joystick, 2 switches over joystick, ribbon and Vector Joystick ) have significant impact on sound of all 128 programs. New set is an effect of a dozen or so months of work with samples and Kronos programming. These new sounds will be very useful in various musical genres, but first of all will allow you to enter a new sound space. Protein No. 1 – a sound set really necessary to get the best out of your favourite Korg machine.

Programs 128
Multisamples 92
32 combis dedicated for the Protein no. 1 programs

412 MB RAM
79 MB Streamed

System Compatibility 2.x and 3.X

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Protein No.1 Price :    $ 99,00