Install EXs

1. If you downloaded the EXs data, un‐zip the downloaded file. Un‐zipping the archive will result in a folder containing several different files. Note: Depending on your browser settings, the downloaded file may be unzipped automatically. One of the files in the resulting folder has a name which ends with “tar.gz.” Please do not un‐zip this tar.gz file.

2. Copy the un‐zipped folder to a USB storage device.

3. Safely disconnect the USB storage device from your computer.

4. Connect the USB storage device to the KRONOS.

5. Go to the Disk Utility page.

6. Using the Drive Select menu at the bottom of the page, select the USB storage device. You may need to wait a few seconds after connecting the device before it is recognized.

7. Open the folder containing the EXs data from step 2.

8. Select the file whose name ends in .exsins. The “exsins” suffix stands for “EXS Installer.” For instance, an installer file might be named “EXs177.exsins.” When an .exsins file is selected, the Load button changes to read Install. Only one EXs can be installed at a time. If Multiple Select is On, Install will be disabled.

9. Select Install EXs from the menu, or press the Install button. The system will check to confirm that the installation files are valid, and that there is sufficient space on the SSD to install the EXs. Next, a dialog box will appear: Found installer for: [EXs name] Space required: [nnn] MB SSD1: [disk name] [nnn] GB available

10. Press Install to continue with the installation, or press Cancel to stop without installing. An “are you sure?” message will appear to confirm the installation.

11. Press OK to continue with the installation, or press Cancel to stop without installing. The installation will then begin. This may take a while; a progress bar shows the installation as it proceeds. Next, the newly installed files will be verified. After the verification has completed successfully, the progress bar will disappear, and the installation is complete. The EXs sample data itself is installed on an invisible, protected part of the disk. To use the EXs, you’ll load its associated files (.KSC, PCG etc.); for the location of these files, the Sounds of Planet folder

Installation of for example EXs 177 causes copying the files to the folder on internal disc of Kronos – in this case to the Sounds of Planet folder – and over there you will find the folder called EXS 177 Saxophones. So in this moment, you still do not have anything installed in the programs of Kronos.

12.Just in case - make a copy of your own pcg –
To do so, go to disc mode – Save tab and upper window – select Save PCG

13.To actually install the programs of EXS 177, enter the HDD disc inside your Kronos – find the folder called Sounds of Planet, then folder EXS 177 Saxophones, open it -> you will find there the files PCG and KSC. You should mark (highlight) them and press LOAD – the Programs will install to U-FF.
One more thing – you have to enter GLOBAL mode -- KSC Auto –Load tab, over there you will see the name EXs 177.KSC – mark-place red square on the left side of window . After performing such action, every time after switching Kronos on , relevant samples will load to EXs 177.


14.Redirecting the programs from U- FF is done in standard way .
Open PCG file – inside you will see the Programs and WaveSequences.

Mark (highlight) - WaveSequences – and press LOAD – here you can not do redirection.
Mark (highlight) Programs –and OPEN – Bank U-FF will appear – now press LOAD – in the window, that will appear you can now choose where do you want to load new programs .


 Authorizing options Authorizing KRONOS options is simple. First, you’ll purchase an authorization code; then, you’ll enter it on this page.
To do so:
1. Write down the Public ID. Make sure that you’ve copied it accurately.
2. If you have access to the internet, follow the instructions under “Purchasing option licenses via the internet,” below. 

Purchasing option licenses via the internet 

1. Go to 

2. Log in under your registered member name. If you aren’t already registered, follow the online instructions for registering as a member of After registering as a member, register your KRONOS. 

3. Purchase the authorization code for the desired option. After purchasing, you’ll receive your authorization code. Note that this code is tied to your Public ID, and will not work on other KRONOS systems. If you have more than one KRONOS, you’ll need to purchase authorizations for each one separately.

Authorizing options on the KRONOS
1. Go to the Global Options Info page.
2. Select the option to authorize from the list of Installed Options.
3. Press the Authorize Selected button. The Authorize Selected window will appear. You’ll see the name of the selected option or option bundle at the top of the window. The window also includes an on-screen keyboard, so that you can enter your authorization code.
4. Enter the authorization code.
5. Press OK.
Provided that you entered a valid authorization code, the list will now show the option or option bundle as Authorized, and the audio limitations of Demo mode will be removed.

Sounds of Planet