Neo-Endorphin FOR KORG KRONOS Classic and X

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Name: Combi Category: Style Category:
000 SPECTRA SOUND Synth Dance
001  BLUE PLANET Motion Syntin Ambient
002 TECHNO DREAMS LeadSplit Techno / Trance
003  ACOUSTIC FUNKY Keyboard Funk
004  THE DREAM OF ROCK LeadSplit Rock
005  SPACE AROUND Motion Synth Ambient
006  XTRACT Synth Dance
007  WORLD ANALOGS Pads/Vocal Electronic/Ambient
008  DIMMER Synth Trance/Electro
009  AGENTS LeadSplit Film
010  GUITAR FUNKY RHYTHM Guitar/Plucked Funk
011  mint Pad Pads/Vocal Ambient
012  1980-2000 Synth Pop / Dance
013  SPARKS BPM Sync Electro
014  BRONX Pads/Vocal Pop
015  ORGAN ROCK Organ Pop Rock
016  MEMORY LeadSplit Ambient
017  MOTION LEAD LeadSplit Ambient
018  EURO BEAT Synth Pop / Dance
019  MERMAID Pads/Vocal Ambient
020  SONDA Motion Synth Trance/Electro
021  WAVES AND SAX LeadSplit New Age
022  HIGH LEVEL GUITAR LeadSplit Rock
023  BAD LEAD LeadSplit Techno / Trance
024  WRONG TRANSLATION Keyboard Ambient
025  LIQUID Synth Pop / Dance
026  SEA SALT LeadSplit Ambient
027  Orchestra by SoP Orchestral Orchestral
028  REWIND Pads/Vocal Ambient
029  SAVANNA World Ambient
030  TRUE ME Keyboard Pop
031  LITTLE GHOST LeadSplit Electro


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