Short instruction how to record AUDIO - using Kronos and Cubase

1. Install the drivers from Korg web site for Kronos.

2. Install AISO4ALL v2

3. Connect the Kronos via USB to computer

4. In Kronos – Global – tab Audio – on the top in Bus Select choose USB1 –L/R and USB2 – L/R – see the picture

5. Open Cubase – top tool bar Devices – Device Setup – select AISO4ALL v2 – see the picture

6. Set appropriately the inputs and outputs according to the pictures

7. Important when recording the track – except for button Rec – red circle – also switch on the small loudspeaker icon – this way you will hear the tracks you have already recorded earlier as well as the Track you are recording currently

Important – The sound will be audible on the computer !
Good luck

Synchro for KORG Kronos  and CUBASE

Recording ( MIDI )

important settings